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Come say hello, by starting with a email stating what type of photography session you are interested in. I will offer you a free consultation to share all the amazing products and services I provide.
Please be prepared to spend 5 to 30 minutes of your time on a phone call or zoom meeting. My clients spend minimum of $500 for their Newborn Session.

1. Say Hello

2. Booking

If you are ready to book, Im excited to have you join my family here at Valery Rose Photography! At this time a creative feee of your $250 Non- Refundable is due to hope your spot.

The faster you book the better. It will give us time to plan your session. If there are any plans that require extra time.. Welcome Guides will be mailed or emailed to clients after booking and pricing guide will be forwarded  to you to prepare for your session.

3. Your Actual Day

Please arrive on time. Newborn Photography sessions last two to three hours. Please be aware that you will need to plan your session in advance so we can get baby in studio right when she/he arrives. Babies should be photographed 1 to 14 days for better results.

You will be emailed guidelines prior to your Newborn Sessions so you are prepared. Things such as feeding and sleeping timing prior to the session will be important. 

4. Reveal and ordering appointment

This is the most exciting time of your photography experience! One week after you're session you will meet with me and I will reveal your images from your special day. I will guide you in what photos I recommend to be printed for your wall art.

Valery Rose Photography is an Al Carte professional business  so your balance will be up to you. I. am a print based business. Therefore when booking with me please be aware I will design at least one print product in order for you to have access to any images from your day. I design gorgeous vivd metal prints that are a glossy print that enhance sharpness and a gloss finish. 

5. your photographs

I believe in making this process super simple for you to get your amazing photos into your home. No more DYI but this will have professional printing that will showcase your gorgeous images. 

Your customized order will be placed same day as your Reveal Appointment. I will notify you when your order comes in. I can no wait for you to see your beautiful wall pieces for your photography session! Thank you for trusting me.

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The Process

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Newborn Photographer

Unlock the gift of timeless photo prints with Valery Rose Photography , your go-to Redlands photographer. We specialize in turning your special moments into exquisite, tangible art that becomes an integral part of your home decor. Our commitment to quality and attention to detail ensures that your memories are preserved with creativity and passion. Whether it's maternity, newborn, or motherhood photography, we're here to transform your fleeting moments into lasting visual treasures. 

"And just like that, life became a whole lot sweeter." - ali fedotowsky

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Let's chat! I can't wait to create magical Newborn portraits with you.
Starting Prices $500


 We are thrilled to announce our exclusive Newborn Model Search with Valery Rose Photography.
 If you have a newborn aged between 1 day to 14 days, we invite you to apply for this unique opportunity to showcase your precious bundle of joy in our artistic photography. While this application doesn't guarantee selection, it's a chance to be part of our distinguished portfolio.
 In exchange for your time, we offer three professionally captured images that you'll treasure for a lifetime. Please note that all selected images will be used for our marketing and social media, contributing to the high-end and timeless aesthetic that defines Valery Rose Photography We can't wait to receive your applications and capture the extraordinary beauty of your newborn in our signature style!  The Model call is used for new wardrobe, light set ups, or projects I want to create.

Newborn Model Search Application

Click Here Newborn Model Call Application