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Los Angeles Midwives

Los Angeles Midwives where moms have a choice and a voice.

Photo taken by Valery Rose Photography. Mom laying with flowers and her baby bump.

Los Angeles Midwives is where you can find certified midwives. They service the Los Angeles area and was founded in 2020. It’s the first midwifery team to be granted delivering privileges at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center which provides women the ability to choose the type of birth that’s right for them.

Delivery at home or at the hospital are both choices they have their clients chose from. As a women myself, I love the fact you have the choice to chose which environment suits you. As a mother you aren’t forced to only have one choice.


Here’s some exciting news! They offer zoom meetings where you have a full certified team to chose from. You have the option to hand pick the person right for you and your family. This is such a amazing feature when booking a midwife for your pregnancy journey.

Services at Los Angeles Midwives

  • Prenatal Service
  • They provide services like women well care. ( This can be from planning your pregnancy journey to a women’s care.
  • Birth
  • Water-birth
  • Prenantal Services
  • and Postpartum

They provide the tub but moms also are allowed to provide their own. They also mention that in their service they will guide you in the chosen of the tubs for your water birth. This is such a relaxing and beautiful experience for mothers.

Frequent Asked Questions

I love the fact they have a full page dedicated to your most frequent questions. Giving birth can be the most stressful time in a women’s life. Having the correct support around you can make a life changing difference. I also feel that having an advocate will lead to better choices for mama and baby. The chances of emergency medical measures drops with great prenatal care.

Photo taken by Valery Rose Photography. Mom showing baby bump in Jean jacket.

Where can you get to know Los Angeles Midwives?

Follow their social media accounts or simply book a zoom meeting. Both are great options. You can also click on their website for more information

Why does a photographer blog about a Midwife Service?

Well, I am a Maternity Photographer and I love to provide more information to my clients and future clients. Working with women I see a lot of fear around the idea of birth. Knowledge is power. As a mother myself, I did not opt for these type of services and with regret I wish I did. The stress I experienced at the birth of my oldest son was something I would never want any mother to endear. I wish I had an advocate alongside me to help represent my wishes among the pushy nurses and staff.

If you do not have the funds to opt for these type of Services. I recommend you start saving now in a separate funds account. It is not something spoken enough about.

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