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Nurture Birth | Newborn Care in Newport California

Nurture Birth in Newport Beach supporting Newborn Care for families.

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Bringing home a new baby should be filled with excitement, but a lot of families feel unprepared and overwhelmed when their baby arrives. 

Postpartum services ensure that new parents are equipped with the tools and information they need to care for their new baby. In Newport Beach, California, Nurture Birth provides families with essential postpartum and newborn care services.

Furthermore In this article, we’ll discuss the newborn care services offered by Nurture Birth and the importance of newborn care.

Nurture Birth Newborn Care Services

Nurture Birth provides new mothers with a variety of comprehensive postpartum support and newborn care services. Their highly-trained postpartum support team comprises of several postpartum doulas and a lactation education counselor and registered dietitian nutritionist. 

Therefore, The team of dedicated highly-trained experts are all mothers themselves and work hard to ensure that they provide other moms and their babies. Which can be done with the physical, emotional, and informational support and care that’s needed after childbirth.

Some of the newborn care services offered through Nurture Birth are as follows:

Postpartum Support and Newborn Care

The doulas provide new moms with at-home postpartum maternal care. The doulas also provide household support, nutritional support, and newborn care. Also, they offer a listening ear to the concerns of the mother, professional advice, assistance with taking care of their home and family, and educate the parents on how to care for the new baby by providing hands-on demonstrations and support.

Lactation Support

A breastfeeding class is available for all expecting mothers to prepare for when their baby is born. The class covers the benefits of breastfeeding and skin-to-skin. Parent learn how to position the baby while nursing. Paying attention to feeding cues, latching techniques, and signs that the baby is feeding well. Additionally these classes provide dolls and pillows for pregnant women to practice with in preparation for their child.

Gentle Sleep Coaching Services

Nurture Birth provides personalized sleep coaching services based on the parent’s goals and the child’s age. The sleep consultant provides parents with realistic expectations and educates them on soothing techniques, sleep cues, and a sleep plan.

Newborn Care Class for Families

This live online zoom class teaches families the basics of newborn care and provides them with a guide on what to expect with a new baby. Topics such as bathing and diapering. Moreover sleeping, burping, and how to bond with a newborn are discussed as well as an open discussion on what the postpartum recovery period looks like.

Car Seat Install 

Nurture Birth also provides a car seat install service where the consultant installs the baby’s car seat in the vehicle and the parents are taught how to properly install and remove their baby’s car seat themselves.

Baby Wearing Consult

An at-home consultation where parents are provided with an in-depth discussion and demonstration on the different types of baby carriers and given guidance on the best option for their baby’s needs.

Why Newborn Care is Important

In conclusion, newborn care services ensure the well-being of both the baby and the new mother by providing essential support and care during the first few weeks and months after childbirth.

These services are vital to ensuring that the baby is healthy, achieves every milestone, and reduces the chances of the mother experiencing any anxiety or overwhelm.

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