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Maternity Care at the Redlands Community Hospital. Read below .

Redlands Hospital has a great NICU unit.

The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at Redlands Hospital is a special place where tiny newborns receive extra care. Maternity care is very important to Redlands Community Hospital. It’s like a superhero nursery for babies who need a little extra help to grow strong and healthy. The NICU has special doctors and nurses who watch over the babies day and night, making sure they get the right medicine and lots of love. The rooms are cozy, filled with gentle beeps and soft lights. Families can visit and hold their little ones, knowing they’re in good hands. It’s a bright spot where miracles happen, helping the tiniest fighters thrive.

Redlands Community Hospital

Redlands Community Hospital prides themselves on the how they work hard to avoid C -Sections. According to Health.usnews Less than 23.6 percent of first time, low risk pregnancies at full term were delivered by Cesarean Section.

Also, many mothers prefer to avoid cesarean sections (C-sections) due to longer recovery times and potential complications. Vaginal births usually involve quicker recuperation, allowing moms to resume normal activities sooner. Additionally, natural births can promote bonding with the baby, and many mothers find the experience of delivering vaginally to be more fulfilling and empowering.

Redlands Hospital Breast Milk Feeding

Furthermore, Breast Milk during mothers hospital stay were also up by 72 percent at Redlands Hospital.

Breastfeeding is of paramount importance during a new mom’s hospital stay following labor. It establishes a strong foundation for the infant’s health, providing essential nutrients and antibodies crucial for their early development. The colostrum, the initial milk produced, is rich in antibodies that boost the baby’s immune system, offering protection against infections. Moreover, breastfeeding aids in the bonding process, fostering a deep emotional connection between mother and child.

Moverover, for the mother, breastfeeding has numerous benefits. It stimulates the release of oxytocin, promoting uterine contractions and assisting in the postpartum recovery process. Nursing also aids in reducing the risk of postpartum bleeding and accelerates the return of the uterus to its pre-pregnancy size.

Additionally, breastfeeding helps regulate the mother’s hormonal balance, contributing to a quicker restoration of pre-pregnancy weight. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to provide nourishment to the newborn, eliminating the need for formula and ensuring the infant receives the optimal blend of nutrients tailored to their specific needs.

Redlands Community Hospital Services

The hospital stay serves as a crucial period for guidance and support in establishing successful breastfeeding practices. With the assistance of healthcare professionals, new moms can overcome initial challenges, ensuring a smooth transition into this essential aspect of infant care that positively impacts both the baby and the mother’s well-being.

According to Redlands Community Hospital here are a few of their services:

NICU families form special bonds with the nurses during their stay. Reunions are held every five years to maintain these bonds and see how the infants have grown.

  • Special equipment is used to observe and monitor babies closely, as well as provide the correct balance of warmth, nourishment and oxygen if needed
  • The staff includes neonatologists, pediatricians, registered nurses, lactation consultants, social workers, and respiratory and occupational therapists
  • Another special group are our volunteer “Cuddlers,” who hold the babies to enhance their recovery
  • NICU families form special bond

Conclusion, all moms want a safe place to have their babies. Maternity care is a touchy subject in our society today. Many people have different thoughts about breastfeeding vs formula and plenty more subjects. However, on thing is always clear as moms we just want to be heard and respected on our maternity care.

If a hospital can also have a great experience for your newborn child that is also amazing. Having systems in place in case of any medical emergency is crucial as a new parent.

Here is the link to the Redlands Community Hospital.

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