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Things to do in Redlands | Mansion Memories

Things to do in Redlands, California. Mansion Memories is a great Organization.

Redlands has Amazing organizations for families. Drive thru Event

Things to do in Redlands California. Mansion Memories is a great organization to check out. Memories are an incredible source of hope during the toughest times.

Basically, Mansion Memories is a nonprofit organization. Their mission is to spread joy and create lifelong happy memories for vulnerable kids within their community.

This Redlands, California-based children’s charity believes that every family who has endured financial hardships or loss should be allowed to create magical moments with their children. Identically trauma and illness is other hardships that the charity helps.

Things to do in Redlands. Who doesn’t love the Red Queen?

Mansion Memories Events

Throughout the year, Mansion Memories host several fundraising activities on the immaculate grounds of the Burrage Mansion in Redlands, California. 

Also, these fundraising events are geared toward involving the community in fun activities, support a worthy cause, and bring awareness to the mission of Mansion Memories.

The free, children’s activities funded by these events include magical days. Also they provide magical drive-thru adventures, pop-up popsicle parties, and stay-at-home events. 

During these events, volunteers dress in popular storybook character costumes to give the kids the opportunity to spend time with their favorite characters.

Magical Days

Magical Days was the organization’s first event for the children of Redlands. Vulnerable families from the community were invited to the Burrage Mansion for a great time. Such as an afternoon of games, food, drinks, and fun.

The organization has grown and expanded over the years since their first event and has held several Magical Days events that touched the lives of thousands of children and families.

Things to do in Redlands. This was Alice in Wonderland set up.

Magical Drive-Thru Adventure

The pandemic gave the volunteers a chance to create special memories for children in need in a new way. 

Since many of the children who attend these events have health constraints, the Magical Drive Thru Adventure allowed families to enjoy the fun of a Magical Day from the safety of their car.

The volunteers treated the families to singing, dancing, and one-on-one time with the characters at eight different story-book-themed attractions.

Pop-Up Popsicle Parties

During the pandemic, the organization created another exciting, and safe activity for children who needed a fun outing during the hot spring and summer months.

Over the last few years, hundreds of children have received popsicles from their favorite characters during the Pop Up Popsicle Parties.

Stay-At-Home Events

During the pandemic lockdown, a fun alternative to the Magical Days event was devised. Mansion Memories hosted several weekly virtual activities for children through their social media pages.

They held virtual tea parties, magic shows, drone demonstrations, drawing lessons, and other fun activities. This helped the families of children in crisis to make special memories with their kids even from the comfort of their homes.

The Importance of getting involved

As a nonprofit organization, donors and volunteers are the backbone of these charitable events. Additionally , A team of passionate people with a heart for children is necessary for the success of each special program held by Mansion Memories.

These charitable events give families the hope they need to trust in a brighter future and move forward despite the difficult circumstance they are faced with.

Valery Rose Photography has been a proud sponsor of Mansion Memories from 2020 after having the pleasure of photographing one of their Magical Drive-Thru Adventures. 

The incredible charity work they have been doing with the children of Redlands, California is truly inspiring. 


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