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Newborn Poses for Photoshoot | Parent Guide

This article was written for a guide to prepare you for your Newborn Photography Session. Newborn poses for photoshoots that sets you up for what to expect.

Newborn Boy posed and wrapped in white.

Newborn Poses During Photoshoots

Newborn poses during photoshoots have been a controversial subject. Some people attempt very unsafe poses just to capture a photo. I do not advocate those practices.

Newborn photography starts from when the baby is 1 day old to preferably 14 days old. Posing Newborns for photos is a great topic for a parent guide. Hello, Mamas!! Are you ready for your babies special photo day? Im sure you are. Read this full article to get a basic knowledge of some Newborn Poses.

Parent Guide- Understanding how the parent feels.

I can understand how having a baby was tough enough. Therefore it can be overwhelming to fit time in to document this new family addition. I know you are exhausted and overwhelmed. Especially after giving birth to my babies I was never ready to comb my hair or even take a shower after my last month of pregnancy. I hope this article gives you some insight.

When babies are fleshly from the womb, they tend to be much sleepier and flexible. Babies are used to living in a tight space for months. When babies are first born, they tend to keep their limbs tighter to their body. Which helps when posing babies for their photoshoot. It will make even a basic wrapping technique that much easier. Weeks after baby is born, they will start to explore with their limbs such as stretching their arms out and exploring their legs. Older babies still can be posed weeks later it is just not ideal for reasons stated above.

Photographer Style

Therefore, newborn posing in photoshoots are based upon the style and art of the photographer. Some photographers love to pose babies nude and wrapped where others strictly pose babies wrapped.  The main concern in any posing is safety. As along as safety is everyone’s priority than poses are based on upon the artwork the photographer wants to create. Here is a link to a great store to buy Newborn wraps to pose baby.

Newborn Composite Photography and Newborn Posing.

Below is what we call Composite in the photography industry. It is when a photographer takes several images separately and edits them into one cohesive piece. So, a photographer can easily pose a baby safely laying down and edit him or her as if they were flying or laying on a horse. Composites should never be mistaken as an actual pose. It would pose a major danger on baby. The risks of baby falling is not worth a photo. To see more of my work

I prefer the look and style of composites. It makes the unreal become real. it makes art turn into magic. Magic is the staple of childhood to me. As a parent seeing my children use their imagination and dream of flying an airplane is what childhood is all about to me. Children only experience childhood for such a short time. I love to see artwork capturing even babies into a magical world. These will serve as memoires that will last a lifetime.

Newborn posed sleeping on a flamingo photoshoot.

Safety of Newborns during photoshoot

Safety is needed at all times when working with newborns. Newborn Safety is crucial and the seriousness of working with newborns should be in the forefront of your photographer’s mind. Pay attention to any classes, workshops, or safety measures your photographer takes when hiring one for your special loved one. 

  • Safety mistakes never to do are:
  • Air ways should never be blocked
  • Forcing babies into uncomfortable poses
  • Not having a spotter

Unrealistic Expectations Of Newborn Poses

In conclusion, unrealistic expectations of a creative set up I personally feel even parents should be educated in CPR and First Aid. You can easily take a weekend class. It will benefit you and your family. Especially if you are a parent of young children. I am CPR and First Aid trained annually for the last 15 years. I think it’s important skill to have when working with babies and children.  I’m a Newborn Photographer located in Redlands, California. I serve the Inland Empire. If you want to check out my blog on Doulas in the area click the link .

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