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Doulas In Orange County | 3 Experts to Guide You Through Birth

If you’re expecting or planning to be in the future, knowing that you can have Orange County doulas supporting you through life’s most incredible adventure could be a valuable asset for your experience.

Doulas in Orange County

Doulas of Orange County

There is a team of maternity concierges ready to match you to your perfect doula or newborn specialist at no cost. Doulas of Orange County respectfully and happily support all birthing options without bias or conflicting agendas. Cesarean births, medicated/unmedicated births, home births, VBACs, adoptions, and surrogacies are all beautiful birthing options. 

Birth Doula

  • In-home or virtual prenatal visits 
  • Discussion of labor, birth, and newborn care 
  • Demonstration of comfort measures and positions for labor/birth
  • relaxation and massage, breath work, informational support, and emotional support. 
  • In-home postpartum support visit within 10 days after birth 
  • Option of a Sibling Doula

Postpartum or Newborn Care Specialist 

  • Daytime or overnight care for mother and newborn support 

Extras services

  • Baby and toddler sleep consultant 
  • Virtual Support 
  • Lactation and infant feeding
  • Postpartum Healing Modalities

Visit their site for more information on all they offer and the list of cities where they provide services.

Labor of Love Birth Services

Serving Orange County is a team of women supporting families through one of the largest transitions. With their knowledge, resources, and experience, they plan to fill the gap mother’s often experience between medical and individualized care.  

Labor of Love Birth Services grew out of a passion for changing the negativity of today’s birth narrative and supporting that no matter how you do it, BIRTH IS BRAVE. This beyond uplifting and devoted team offers excellent support services to make your experience a positive one, including:

  • Childbirth classes in person or online
  • Birth Doula Support
    • Extra set of hands
    • Around-the-clock support
    • Individual care
    • Partner confidence
    • Compassion
    • Peace of mind 
  • Postpartum Doula Support
    • Extra set of hands
    • Sleep support
    • Parental education
    • Routine
    • Feeding support
    • Healing tips
  • In-home lactation support
  • Placenta encapsulation 

To know more about how their support works or get a consultation, visit them online!

Riverbend Birth

Although this once local doula team has relocated to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, you can still receive their popular virtual doula care! Supporting families with diverse backgrounds and values since 2014 and loving it. During the pandemic, they made it their mission to still meet the needs of expecting mothers and their families by going virtual. 

When seeking virtual doula care, some families want the replicated experience of an in-person doula. While others are just looking for the extra support, not the whole doula experience.  They have a Virtual Doula Package for both options from $750-$2300. Regardless of your birthing choice, you will receive nonjudgmental support wherever you are. 

Want more info on this doula duo? Check out their new site here and their Orange County doula services here!

Orange County Doulas

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Having a doula that supports your choices and has the common goal of a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth, and healthy baby can bring a sense of confidence to your journey. Find your perfect support and love your great new adventure with these Orange County doulas.

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