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Things To Do In Yucaipa | GardenWorks for Kids

GardenWorks for Kids: Inspiring a Love of Art and the Outdoors

Animals at GardenWorks for kids in Yuciapa

Things to do in Yucaipa such as visiting Gardenworks. Gardenworks for Kids is a botanical learning garden created for kids in the Yucaipa area. This garden is a beautiful space where children are encouraged to use their imagination and be creative while connecting with nature.
Also, Modern kids spend more time behind screens than ever before. This organization provides children with a space where they can learn about and explore the outdoors through play.

In this article, we’ll discuss the different events and activities hosted by Gardenworks for Kids and the importance of teaching children the value of nature.

Events and Activites

Sometimes it’s hard to find things to do in our cities. Things to do in Yucaipa article will highlight fun things to do even in one location.

Furthermore, GardenWorks hosts several different events and activities to engage the children in the community and foster a love for gardening and the outdoors in the next generation.

Outdoor Learning Days

Outdoor Learning Days give children the opportunity to take part in hands-on outdoor activities that provide them with a chance to learn through play.
During this activity, children learn through songs and outdoor games. Also Gardenworks for kids has many more fun things to do with your children like stories, art and craft, and other fun activities.

Farm and Feeding

What I loved the most is how children can feed the chickens and visit the pet farm. Teaching kids how we plant food and take care of livestock is very beneficial for early learning in children.

Gardening and Art and Craft Classes

Every month, several themed classes are held to encourage the children to take part in and be excited about gardening and creating art and craft. These classes give children the chance to express their creativity while spending time outdoors.

Open Play at Gardenworks ( Things to do in Yucaipa)

Open Play

Things to do In Yucaipa like finding a great place for open play.

At Gardenworks for Kids, Tuesdays and Thursdays are reserved for Open Play. This is an amazing, free event that is open to anyone in the public who would like to take part.
Children are encouraged to come and experience the beauty of the garden while enjoying fun and educational activities and delicious snacks and popsicles.
With over two acres of botanical gardens, Gardenworks provides a unique and beautiful environment to host a celebration.
The party program includes themed planting and crafting for the kids. They also have several different packages to choose from to suit your specific party needs.

Toddler feeding chickens at GardenWorks. Things to do in Yucaipa for kids.

Field Trips

Things to do In Yucaipa like hosting a filed trip for your centers.

GardenWorks encourages parents, mom groups, daycares, preschools, etc. to plan a field trip to the garden. A field trip provides a hands-on experience as the children explore the outdoors.
The field trip would include an introduction to the garden, educational activities, crafting, a walk through the area, and time for outdoor play.
The children would also be allowed to take home a mini potted plant from the garden.

The Kindness Club

The Scotty-Bear Project is a sponsor of The Kindness Club at Gardenworks. Every Wednesday afternoon a free program is held for children in the area ages 4-12.
This event engages the children in singing, games, and different friendship-building activities. The kindness club uses object lessons to teach children about the importance of kindness.
The Importance of Educating Children About Nature
Teaching kids the value of nature is one of the most important lessons they can learn. Educating young children about the beauty and importance of gardening and the outdoors will have a positive impact on the future of our society.
Not only will it help them better understand how their actions can impact the environment, but it can also open their eyes to the beauty and complexity of the natural world around us.

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