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Unique Ultrasound Redlands

Are you ready to plan for your baby? Let me help you plan the best services at Unique Ultrasound Redlands

Unique Newborn photo dressed as a Bumble Bee in Redlands, Ca.

Unique Ultrasound Redlands is a Professional Imaging Facility located in the Redlands Ca, They service you with the best technology for your family. They offer 3d/4d/ and Live viewing of your new bundle of joy. The fun part Is not only can they make a dvd for you to rewatch with family but you can also download to your social media.
This facility offers so many amazing services all in one location such as:

  • Thermal imaging
  • Women’s Health Checks
    Immune health Thermography Scans
    3D/4D Ultrasounds

What is Thermography Ultrasound ?

Thermography is a scan that uses Digital Infrared thermal imaging to detect cancers. It uses a camera that shows heat patterns and blood flow in body tissues. This technology is awesome in helping women detect early signs of inflammations and can lead to earlier diagnosis. The prices range from $175 to $450.

Benefits of Thermo Scans
You can start at any age. Which can lead to a healthier individual due to the close monitoring to ones self throughout a long span of years. Also, Therma imaging does not use radiation which decreases your risk of cancer. Last but not least it a great screening for dense breasts. So in conclusion this appears to be a more advanced tool. I recommend every women to get this scan done at-least one time.

Reasons to schedule a session

Serving Redlands, California is a team of women supporting families in their knowledge, experience and care. The staff range for Associate Degrees in Diagnostic Medical Sonography to Certified OB/Gyn. They also have the cutest baby services that make any new mother fill with joy. Below are some of the many exciting services for baby.

  • Heartbeat Animal Session

Starting at $79 this is a moms must have! I personally have one from of my own babies. At the Redlands center they have elephant down to a ladybug plush to pick from that will have your babies heartbeat recorded inside. This can be easily displayed in room and kept for years til your child is even grown!

  • Unique Ultrasound Picture Paintings

Have someone hand paint your baby in a art piece of the ultrasound is a one of a kind type of experience. It can be given as a gift or displayed in babies room. This will be a one time in a lifetime opportunity as a mother to capture all these fun creative ways to experience your babies birth. Enjoy your pregnancy by experiencing all these fun Unique services. No mother has ever said I regret taking my babies photos or booking fun pregnancy services. The time flies so fast. You deserve to enjoy all these one of a kind joys of having a baby.

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