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Best time to take newborn photos

Considered this a parent guide to planning your Newborn photo session.

Newborn photo in first week of birth.

When to take newborn photos

When is the best time to take newborn photos is a frequent question that I Hear. Hello, Im Valery Rose Photography based in Southern California. I am here to provide some great insight to this most common question. Comment below if any of these information was useful. Linked in the bottom you will find out how to contact me for further questions.

Newborns 1 day to 14 days are ideal situations for almost all Newborn Photographers. We know this is the perfect period in an infant’s life to capture those award winning images that every mother drools over. I know, I know. Valery I just had stitches sewed into me, or I had such a rough birth! I totally understand! Trust me, I been there. You just left the hospital and the last thing you want to do is drive down to a studio. IT WILL BE WORTH IT!

Your baby has been living and growing in a tight space for 9 months. So baby is use to being curled up in a ball. This is one of the top reasons its so much easier to pose baby in the cute wraps every mom wants. Too be wrapped and curled up will not shock baby. Its as if baby expects it and feels safer wrapped tightly. After two weeks, babies start learning about the world around them. They no longer feel the need to be curled up. Arms and legs start to move around as they explore the world around them. Therefore, it is much harder to wrap baby as they age. Baby will often want to squirm out of the wrap.

Reasons why to book a newborn shoot so early

  • More Sleepy
  • Likes to be wrapped
  • Smaller in size (baby will develop rapidly after birth)
  • easier to pose (Flexibility)

The first few weeks of birth babies only tends to do three main things.

  • Poop
  • Feed
  • Sleep

Sleepy Dreamy Photos

Babies sleeping cycles are starting to develop. Most photographers want to create newborn images of babies when sleeping. But as the weeks progress babies will start too stay awake for longer stretches of time. Thus, the ideal time is babies first two weeks to capture those sleeping memories that look so dreamy.
For the birth of your baby, the whole skeleton has to be squashy, so many of the bones are joined with flexible cartilage. After birth, those bones start to fuse together. This is why babies can safely be place in poses in a bucket or newborn baby wrap.

Newborn sleeping and dressed as a bumble bee. Photo taken by Valery Rose Photography


I enjoy photographing Newborns at their first weeks and I am grateful for all the mothers who allowed me to experience their amazing baby bonding and using my art to document this part of their journey. If you are interested in my services you can find me out

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